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 Five Traverses To Orlando Magic’s Championship Run


bendable glasses n the last two years, the Magic has been regarded as the league title rivals, especially after going to the finals last season, they seem to already have won the phase. ed hardy uk However, whether the Magic can win the championship in the new season or not, there are also 5 Obstacles they need conquer.p>

1, Rashard Lewis’ Suspension: the league suspended Rashard Lewis for 10 games early in the season for violating the league’s prohibition. Although this will not let the Magic have a fracture, his absence could cost them a couple of unexpected games, while in the tight Eastern Conference, two or three lost games could determine the team’s fianl place. 2, Chemistry Issues: There is still doubt that if Vince Carter, Jason Williams and Matt Barnes can successfully fill the place left by Alston and some of the Magic’s key players or not, Meanwhile, if Dwight Howard and his teammates would cooperate well with the new teammates or not, that will become the suspense.charm bracelets

3, Dwight Howard who Is in The Key Moments: In the last season, Howard has been revealed that his offensive skills and free throws still have great space for improvement, Especially the free throws, which often restricted the league No.1 center to close to the moment to team. Although he insisted that he worked on both aspects the whole summer, while in the preseason, his performance is not so ideal. If the Magic want to get the champion, Dwight Howard obviously must stay in the court when the crucial moment come.Tiffany Pendants

4, PG Situation: Alston who was proved to be delighted useful in the last season has gone, the guy that replaced his position is 34-year-old williams, Since his injury in the last season, his state is difficult to avoid being suspected, this means that once again he injuried as the last season, the Magic’s guard will be in a difficult situation again, and it is likely that they will no longer be under the favor of the goddess of fortune.sweetie bracelets

5, The East Has Become Stronger: Compared with last season, Cleveland has Shaq now, Kevin Garnett is also fit to team, at the same time, the celtics even brought Rasheed Wallace, all this means it is difficult for the Magic to get such good opportunity again as that in the last season to kill break, any accident may dispel the Magic's championship dreams.p>Continuous MINI BEAN NecklaceLarge Cuff Bangle With Black Enamel

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